Olsen and the UN world goals:


17 Goals to Transform Our World

The 17 goals for sustainable development is an ambition for the whole world towards 2030. Olsen support these goals and wish to contribute where we can !

​As a sub contractor we support a lot of customers in this effort and we do internally what we can. A project we work on is related to Hydrogen turbine power plants. A great example of what our technology can assist with.

An example of recent internal environmental projects: Using rain water as rinse water i our process. Saves drinking water and a lot of water treatment.

Specifically to the world goals, our commitment is related to 4 of the goals. We have selected relevant sub categories where we can make a difference:


To develop and produce the parts our customers need, we need skilled labor. We find it our duty to help educate the workforce of the future. As our services and products evolve, it is vital that we develop the right skills through out the company. Our work relate to goal number 4 "Quality in education". More specific it relate to 4.4 that refer to technical skills. This is why we always have minimum 3-4 internships (Machinist/metal work). 


We also want to support goal 7.2. Focus on sustainable energy. Internally we aim to utilize wind energy. Externally we commit to support customers with skills within advanced forming and focus our marketing in branches of green energy, water supply and parts for energy transformation.


Goal 8.6 focus on economical productivity via technological upgrades and innovation. We will support this by investing en new and energy effecient machines and robots that also make it possible to fulfill customer requirements to complex parts of the future.


Finally we wil focus on goal 12.4, environment, correct handling of chemicals, and waist through out product life cycle. At Olsen Metal we support this by using approved lubricants and professional handling and disposal of these. Recycling of material scrap, packaging etc. is second nature for us and we reuse packaging as much as possible.

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