Optimized business processes designed for speed, on time delivery and agreed quality


Olsen Metal has engineering capabilities to assist in the product development phase. We offer services in the total life cycle of a product. From first sketch through 3D modeling and CAM to the ongoing production of customer specific parts.

Olsen can offer project management for development and prototyping projects with the help of a documented template that ensures delivery on time and correct documentation and Quality control. The process takes care of all aspects of a development project and can accommodate FMEA and/or PPAP requirements if needed.

Supply chain

Customers demanding short lead time and weekly shipments can utilize our marketplace concept. We use dedicated equipment and continuous improvement plans to deliver according to world class manufacturing principles.

The newest in technology supports our efforts in rapid change over. Weekly production runs minimize work in progress and reduce the risk of delivery failure. We deliver “dock to stock” to several customers.

Quality Assurance

At Olsen, quality is the foundation for everything we do. All process descriptions, document handling, inspection procedures and tractability are an integrated part of our production management system.

Depending on customer needs, we develop control plans to insure proper inspection throughout the production.

Measuring room with 3D measuring capability is in place, making it possible to document any given production.

Olsen is dedicated to Continuous improvements and all Key performance indicators are based on these principles. We keep track of delivery performance and quality to insure our customer requirements.

Olsen have certified certificate handling process. Automated system keeps track of all combination of materials. PMI testing (Positive Material identification) can be incorporated in control plan.

Optimized business processes designed for speed, on time delivery and agreed quality.​

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