What we do best at Olsen…

We are experts in sheet metal forming by spinning and flow forming. We combine this process with other forming processes like deep drawing and stamping. We also offer CNC machining, different surface treatments and certified and automated welding.

We are not the best choice for mass produced parts where low price is the only parameter. We keep focus on demanding parts for industry and high end consumer products. Our typical quantity range is between 1 and 25.000 pcs. pr. year.

Deep drawing

We specialize in small quantities and use deep drawing in combination with metal spinning. We are happy to assist in prototyping phase and ramp up phase. Mass production can be offered by partners, that take over when volumne is no longer cost efficient with metal spinning.

Deep drawing is a process where the material is pulled over a form while preventing the material from folding. The process is fast and is ideal for mass production and high demand items. Tooling is required and is normally up to 10 times more expensive than tooling for spinning.

Olsen has the newest in deep draw presses, and can offer a wide selection of press alternatives including Hydro forming.

Metal spinning

Metal spinning is a forming process, where the forming is carried out during rotation. With the help of a spinning roller, the material is forced against a mandrel to create the interior shape of the part. To obtain a perfect finish, the process can be followed by smoothing out the surface. Edges can be cut and rolled in the same operation thus making the production cost effective. Tooling is also inexpencive and makes the process ideal for small quantities.

Over recent years, metal spinning has been through a remarkable development and is therefor a very comitive method, both technical and economical. Olsen is on the leading edge in this field with capability to spinn up to 1200 mm in diameter and material thickness of up to 10 mm stainless steel !

Welding and other processes

Olsen Metal can deliver finished products including stamping, welding, surface treatment or assembly.

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